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Why We Kneel

This past weekend, hundreds of NFL players, mostly African-Americans participated in demonstrations against the national anthem.  Or were they participating in demonstrations in light of President Trump’s comment’s? Early Friday, Trump stated those that kneel should be fired and NFL owners should “get those sons of bitches off the field.” None of the above is the correct reason and many Americans seem to misunderstand nor want to empathize why players…

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Aaron Hernandez Suicide?

Former Patriot tight-end Aaron Hernandez is dead after hanging himself with a bed sheet. In a press release from the Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Communication of the Massetchusets Department of Corrections states the following: “On April 19, 2017, Aaron Hernandez was discovered hanged in his cell by corrections officers at the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center…

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We all have witnessed the trials and tribulations Russell Westbrook and the Thunder have faced this season. On April 29, 2017 Westbrook made history, as the man with the most triple doubles in an NBA season. Oscar Robinson set the record in the 1961-62 season against the Denver Nuggets. To top the night off, Russell…

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