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Exquisite Frames

Exquisite Frames was started by Kaya Crawford a graduate of Gwendolyn Books College Prep high school in Chicago, and a current undergraduate student at Tennessee State University. The company was recently founded in March of 2018. The envisioning of Exquisite Frames transpired back when Kaya was in high school and was getting compliments on how…

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2eze Clothing Co.

2eze Clothing Co. was started by Josh Sims and Nate Robert-Eze in March of 2015. Their mission is to promote faith, humility, and simplicity. They pride in giving back to the community and supporting other businesses, organizations, and artists who are also trying to make a difference. Their initial intentions for starting the clothing company…

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Timberland x Off-White

Off-White seems to be the king of collaborations currently. One of their most recent one being “The Ten” collection with Nike that took the streetwear fashion community by storm. Moving onto the next wave, they have collaborated with Timberland on the classic 6″ boot model. The two brands are no strangers, as they have done…

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