Things WE’VE learned in our 20s


Hey there,
I hope everyone’s summer so far is filled with travel, happiness and the securing of bags. (LOL.) Today my post is a bit different than usual. It won’t be me just talking at you, but it’ll be our peers and even some of my readers giving a bit of knowledge. I think this is so important. A couple months ago, I asked some of my followers to tell me the biggest lesson they’ve learned in their 20s. Today, I want to share their responses. Thanks to everyone that responded, your advice will be sure to reach someone!
1. “Honestly, that I need to take my failures and use them as a way to prosper into a better person.” -Larissa
2. “Goals and expectations aren’t concrete. Your plan may change and you must be equipped to roll with the necessary adjustments.” – Eric
3. “I’ve learned to enjoy my 20s and stop trying to grow up so fast.” -Jacqualynn
4. “Other people’s opinions of me are none of my business.” -Aliyah
5. “Literally people ain’t sh*t.” -Nia
6. “Definitely trust the process.” -Jazmin
7. “I’ve learned what true independence is and being able to sacrifice for a greater good. Also understanding that there is truly beauty in the struggle.” -Dashelle
8. “Stop comparing your life to others because everybody moves at their own pace, and God has other plans for me.” -Kayla
9. “I come first.” – Ms Nozie
10. “Sometimes adults do know best. Listen.” -Shoan
11. “I’ve learned to do what’s best for me and not to conform to people’s expectations because at the end of the day, I need to make myself happy first.” -Esther
12. “When it comes to goals you want to achieve in your life, do not wait to achieve them. Be wise with the opportunities that come your way.” -Lex
13. “Time is important. You can’t control it. Life will keep moving with or without you.” -Lyric
14. “Remove yourself from people that don’t want to see you win or aren’t being positive assets to your daily life and future.” -Tyrez
15. “Live YOUR best life. Not society’s version, but your own.” – Dana
16. “You will get through every obstacle that you go through. You will make mistakes, but always remember to forgive yourself. When you are confident and love yourself, people won’t treat you any kind of way. Don’t lower your standards to meet someone else’s, let them meet yours. Lastly, grind, you are young and in your prime. The things you do now determine who you will be in the future.” -Cherrelle
Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget: you good, you poppin sis!
Love, Cherrelle

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