Exquisite Frames

Exquisite Frames was started by Kaya Crawford a graduate of Gwendolyn Books College Prep high school in Chicago, and a current undergraduate student at Tennessee State University. The company was recently founded in March of 2018.

The envisioning of Exquisite Frames transpired back when Kaya was in high school and was getting compliments on how amazing her sunglasses were. With many people asking, “Where did you get your sunglasses from?”, Kaya decided she become an entrepreneur and become the supplier of the sunglasses she wears. She currently offers a total of 14 different unique, fashionable, and affordable frames for both men and women, with more designs coming in the future.

In the future Kaya plans to grow her business and open boutiques for people of different communities to experience the unique styles she has to offer. Not only does she plan on having sunglasses, but she will also incorporate purses and jewelry for customers to purchase as well, to get the full experience.

With a recent pop-up booth at a business expo at Tennessee State University, Kaya has been able to stretch her business from the Midwest to the Upper South, and even reaching out to customers on the West Coast. With again 14 different styles, she has been able to sell to customers who are senior citizens, all the way down to high school students.

Make sure you guys go and check Kaya’s business Exquisite Frames out at equisteframes.bigcartel.com/ and use code SHIP15 to get FREE shipping and 15 % off orders $20 or more. You can also find her on Instagram @exquisiteframes_ .

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