Who is Process Entertainment

BD78712A-329A-4EEE-BBA8-0B5BF4D79D7C.pngProcess Entertainment is an on the rise promotion and production team. The brand is an outlet where up and coming entrepreneurs can be seen, critiqued and pushed to excel beyond their limits of their wildest dreams.

Process Entertainment combines a mindset with a strong drive to entertain, while also giving entrepreneurs he platform to grow themselves.

Founded by 2017 by Ball State graduate Shawn Tyler, Process Entertainment is his vision for striving to create quality content while planning and managing events where people are left wanting more.

Using this platform, Tyler created The Basement, a YouTube talk show that airs every Tuesday.

The Basement was inspired by the hosts Raylin Taylor and Gabbi Mitchell’s. Taylor and Mitchell had a similar outlet at their high school where students were able to broadcast their talents.

Taylor and Mitchell are both sophomores at Ball State University and wanted to be a part of The Basement so their Ball State peers could have the platform to display their talents and entrepreneurial ideas, ranging from music to fashion.

The Basement also keeps its audience members up to date with current social events that other school news outlets tend to look over.

Taylor and Mitchell bring energy to the show that makes their guests comfortable and relaxing. Their humor brings keeps the audience laughing while still having them wanting to learn more about the guest that week.


Instagram: @processentertainment & @basementvp

Subscribe: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCEsbM4HUFMdGQAO1N-yyaZA




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