2eze Clothing Co.

2eze Clothing Co. was started by Josh Sims and Nate Robert-Eze in March of 2015. Their mission is to promote faith, humility, and simplicity. They pride in giving back to the community and supporting other businesses, organizations, and artists who are also trying to make a difference.

Their initial intentions for starting the clothing company was due to the division they saw between the social groups. Instead of going down the traditional road of public speaking and ranting on social media, they decided to spread their message through clothing.

The ongoing goal of the company is  “spreading unity one shirt at time”, which happens to be there tagline. They plan to make it a global norm of individuals to spread unity and when customers put on their clothing they feel the since of pride that the company embodies.

You can check out 2eze Clothing Co. at https://2ezeapparel.com where you’ll find a variety of clothing options from hoodies and shirts to dad hats. Also, be sure to follow them on Twitter at. @2ezeapparel ‏. They will be hosting a fashion show called “Unity in the Jungle”, on Saturday, March 24 at 7 p.m. at The Ball State Rec Center – 1700 W Neely Ave, Muncie, In 47304.



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