Natural Hair Tips 101

LOC MethodWinter time is here, and the weather does not play nice as we all know. From harsh winds to knee-deep snow, winter is not the best season, especially for naturals. The winter air can be drying, and many naturals struggle with retaining moisture and preventing breakage. With demanding priorities- school, work, relationships, and family- keeping natural hair healthy can be difficult in the winter months. But do not fall victim to winter breakage because you are busy. Here are three winter care tips to help your hair prosper in the winter time.


Care Tip #1- Deep Condition

Deep condition your hair as regularly as possible. This can be weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your preference, curl type, and thickness of your hair. Deep conditioning is vital to the health of hair and should be done all year round. Deep conditioning prevents damage by reducing breakage and split ends. It also keeps your hair moisturized, which is key to healthy hair. Most if not all deep conditioners include key ingredients such as protein and essential naturals oil that will help your hair thrive.


Care Tip #2- The LOC Method

The LOC method, which stands for leave in, oil and cream) is the best way to guarantee moisture that will last for weeks. The leave in conditioner of your choice is used to hydrate the hair. For best results use a water-based product. Then go in with an oil to seal in the moisture. The oil you apply will depend on your hairs porosity level, which is your hairs ability to absorb water or moisture in general. Layering the products in this order maximizes the moisture retention.


Care Tip #3-

Drink water and have a balanced diet. While this tip is beneficial for your hair, it is a tip for life. Water flushes out toxins which will give you healthy shiny hair. Drinking water hydrates hair strands internally. Water also keeps hair circulatory system is good shape which feeds the hair follicle. A healthy hair follicle stimulates hair growth. Not hydrating during the winter months risks drying up the hair roots and making the hair brittle. Drinking water provides the hair with vitamins and nutrients that are extremely beneficial.


So, there you have it. Three easy care tips for the winter time that will keep your hair moisturized and healthy in the winter time.


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  1. I love this article! In fact I’m sending it to all my clients so they can read it! I tell them often how to take care of their hair but maybe they need to visually see it! Thanks Shelby I can’t wait to read the next one.


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