Kim Jones Steps Down From Position At Louis Vuitton

British-designer-Kim-JonesThursday, Kim Jones stepped forward to declare his leaving of Louis Vuitton. While it seems quite sudden and has no apparent cause, it is speculated that he will be soon taking up a job at Burberry in the near future. Louis Vuitton’s CEO, Michael Burke, expressed his gratitude and gave thanks to Jones for all he did for the brand over the past several years.

Since 2011 Jones has been on the team at Louis Vuitton as both a lead art director and mens collection designer. Ever since he took over, Louis Vuitton’s brand has been elevated to a level in fashion it had not yet seen. Jones almost single handedly put Louis Vuitton at the top of modern fashion and runways. Combining his heavily streetstyle influences, and trendsetting ability, Jones revolutionized how the brand looked. While his future in fashion is certainly not over, we look forward for what he has planned for the future, as he will remain one of the more influential people in fashion.


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