College and the road to 4.0s

writing-great-blog-postSpring semester is well underway and like any college student, I always make a goal to do better than I did the last semester. Well this semester, I don’t plan on just doing better, but I want to reach that 4.0. As I was making this goal, I also decided to create a list of the best things I can do to help myself reach it. I’ve also decided, why not share the knowledge? Here are a few tips that I believe can help us all do well.

  1. Keep an agenda: Keeping an agenda will keep you organized. I’ve learned over the years that it’s easy to forget about an assignment when I don’t write down what I need to do in my planner and follow it. I’ve become obsessed with checking off things on my to do list. Start doing this, you will notice a difference and you will get things done.
  2. Build relationships with your professors: I cannot stress this enough. Being on a friendly basis will benefit you more than it will hurt you. Professors like to see that you care about their classes. If you have a question, ask. Go to office hours. They also tend to boost your grades when you need it!
  3. Set specific times to study: You have to dedicate time to studying. Procrastinating is stressful and you don’t learn as well as you should. I struggle with this, but I’ve set scheduled study times and I know they will help me reach my goals.
  4. Make friends in your classes: I know it sucks having to speak to people in your classes because you just want to go in and out, but MAKE A FRIEND. If you miss class, they can send you notes. You get an automatic study buddy and college students tend to help one another. Especially because we are all going through the same struggles.
  5. Strive for an A on EVERY assignment: If you strive for an A, it’s a given that your grades will stay up and you won’t be struggling at the end of the semester to bring your grades up.
  6. Study for EVERY test: Sometimes I catch myself having the mentality that I can put little effort into the first couple tests because I can always bring my grades up, but that’s not very beneficial. It’s better to try your best on everything.
  7. Utilize your textbooks: I know it sucks hearing this, but in most cases, they are beneficial. Actually do assigned readings throughout the semester because 9/10 they will help you on tests. I know in my major and minor, textbooks usually matter!
  8. Don’t get distracted: Remember the reasons why you’re in school. If you have to say no to hanging out with your friends so you can finish an assignment, do it. Remember, pain is temporary, but your GPA is forever.
  9. Always turn in assignments early: *cough cough* I am speaking to myself on this one. I tend to be a procrastinator and as I said earlier, it’s stressful. I’ve caught myself panicking at 11:50 thinking I haven’t turned an assignment in and then I realize that I did it days ago. That is the best feeling ever!
  10. Do your best in the beginning of the semester: Make a goal to reach Spring Break following these steps. Then you can easily relax and have fun with no worries. You will also have formed good habits, so by the time you come back, you will be ready to go into the last stretch of the semester with ease.

Good luck on your semester!

Love, Cherrelle


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