YOU. A free verse poem

YOU is a free verse by Dasia Blackmon poem that talks about how a special man has went above and beyond to show a broken woman how much she deserves him and how he’s impacted her life. It’s a poem solely based off of how she perceive this man and how he is the one that came into her life, to fix every broken piece of her that was created by those before him. There is a lot of admiration in this poem also. I wrote this because I wanted to see how sentimental I can get with my writing. I wanted to write about a black men from a powerful & loving perspective to give hope that there is a man out there that is willing to be all that someone can see. This poem is not dedicated to anyone specific, but more-so an ode to black love. It goes like…

I’ve always wondered, how could we describe perfection, when it doesn’t exist.
How could we believe in a concept that we’ve never seen nor had the experience to encounter..
That is… until I met YOU.
I’ve asked God to send me his greatest form of imperfection.
He sent me YOU.
Your smile… your smile provides this sense of comfort and this warm sensation that I’ve lacked in my life due to the feeling of incompleteness that I was so coldly left with & never thought I would feel again.

Your touch melts into my body as if you’ve reached into my chest and caressed my heart with your bare hand feeling every broken piece that was left by someone who did not deserve to have me. And just like that YOU take I️t piece by piece and somewhere in between YOU embedded your own name, ensuring that You’ve become every piece of my heart that i would never get back, but that you could restore.
Only YOU could make me feel so tender and warm inside just by simply gazing into my eyes and becoming lost in the pain that i unwillingly suffered because I trusted those who should’ve never touched me. Those who weren’t ready to allow me to sit on my throne and feel secure in these relations that i thought were home, more so all the feelings were wrong.

YOU took that pain out of my sight and replaced it with so much hope that someday a man will look me in my eyes and complete me right then and there.. maybe it’s YOU.
The way you wrap your strong arms around me ensuring that I am protected from everything that i fear, the very human beings that I put my trust into and that took my bright soul out of me and left me so dark and hopeless, YOU showed me that security is right in your arms and that the only thing locking me in is your heart.
Your skin is silk flowing between my fingers as I caress every fine ligament that God intentionally blessed you with because he knew that every Black King needed a Black Queen by his side.
Your mind penetrates me with so much wisdom and knowledge and self awareness. Every word effortlessly flows out of your mouth and pours right into my soul allowing me to embrace the woman that God has made me to be.
The way you speak positivity into my life shows me that YOU are the equal that I have be so long awaiting.
My body trembles at the sight of you.
My mind can’t seem to get enough of YOU.
All I know is that it is YOU…
Maybe all I’ve been needing to feel complete in this cold cruel world is YOU.

Twitter: @lovelyylanaeee
Insta: @lovelyylanaee


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