15 Things To Tell My Future Daughter

1. Live
Your life is so precious. Live happily. Live freely. Find what you love and do it over and over and over.
2. Be selfish
I know that may be hard to do, but take care of yourself. No one is ever worth losing yourself over. Make time for yourself. Do things you like. Treat yourself. And if ANYONE treats you badly, leave them.
3. Laugh
I’m serious. Find things that bring you happiness and keep them near and dear to you. It’s so easy to move through life going through the motions and being unhappy.
4. Teach them how to treat you
I had to learn this the hard way. People will take advantage of you if you don’t show them how you deserve to be treated. They want to see how far you will let them go, don’t let them. How you should be treated is not up for discussion.
5. They come and go
Listen baby girl, one day you will meet a better version of him. One who will have all the things you loved about him and more. There are plenty of them in this world. One boy is nothing compared to the one that is truly meant for you or the many that you will meet in the future.
6. Go after your dreams!
Don’t let doubt hold you back. You can do any and everything you set your mind to. Don’t be scared.
7. Don’t be afraid of failure
It is meant to happen, everything happens for a reason. You will learn from it. Try again and again, until you get it right.
8. You are beautiful.
Your skin. Your hair. Your body… every inch of you is magnificent. If one day, you feel down about yourself, look in the mirror. Look in the mirror and find one thing you love about yourself… start from there.
9. Do not envy another woman
Lift her up. Appreciate her, even congratulate her about what your admire, but never envy. You are not her, she is not you. You are unique, talented and beautiful, build yourself up from there.
10. Forgive
I know it’s hard. I know your heart may be heavy thinking about doing so, but do it. Forgiveness is powerful. You will find peace. That person will no longer have power over you. Lastly, forgive yourself. You will make mistakes, you will do things you may not like, but it’s okay. You will grow. You will learn.
11. You are worthy
You are worthy of everything you wish for. If he deprives you of this, he is not the one. Never let him make you think you are wrong for wanting all of him and nothing less. If you have to question his love for you… you know the answer. Move accordingly. Your time and love isn’t cheap, nor is it meant for everyone. You are Hermes, don’t let him treat you like Coach.
12. Feel
It’s okay to be sad, mad, happy… You will truly realize who you are in these moments. Just remember, if you are down, you can climb your way out. You are strong. Everything you go through is meant to make you a better you. You will look back on these times and be grateful, because every experience makes you who you are.
13. Work hard
My mama always tells me this, so now i’m telling you. You were given talents and passions for a reason.  Don’t let a day come by where you wish you could’ve worked just a little bit harder.
14. Speak up for yourself
If you feel strongly about something, let it be known. Your voice matters and it is important. Always fight for what is right, even if doing so puts you in the minority.
…..for anything… or anyone.
15. NEVER settle
…..for anything… or anyone.
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