13 IFC Fraternities on Social Probation

Ball State Fraternities

Ball State’s president Geoffrey Mearns shut down all 13 fraternities due to habitual events that were reported.

On Monday, October 23, a meeting was held with leaders including the IFC Executive Board and all 13 presidents leading to a decision many were unhappy with.

Three months into the semester, Ball State has had five sexual assaults. One of the assaults being in the dorms, and four on Riverside Avenue, commonly known as “frat row”. Some events have gotten out hand within the chapter houses and the men’s behavior has changed since the beginning of the semester.

The meeting discussed the amount of inappropriate behavior at the Homecoming tailgate and the poor actions that had occurred within the Muncie community such as…

Ball State proposed a sanction that would hopefully ignite a change in behavior and attitudes for all the IFC men.

After discussing the issues that have occurred, a unanimous agreement was reached between all 13 IFC Presidents and the university.

The sanction states:

IFC organizations are not to host social events of any kind, with or without alcohol. That includes chapter houses and satellite houses. The men in these fraternity’s, they may participate in alum events, community service events, etc. Members of the IFC community will be participating in alcohol skills training sessions and sexual assault bystander workshops.

These sanctions were immediate as of 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 24.

Trevor Holland, IFC President explained that all the information being presented on Twitter is not all accurate.

He said, “We are organizations of values.” As a Greek community, they want people to please be respectful to their organizations and our community on social media.

All social events will be in effect come January 31, 2018.



Indiana News Link Interview with Student Body President Greg Carbo-



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