Who Is Cloud 9?

What comes to mind when you hear “Cloud 9?” Do you think of being at a peaceful, euphoric state? Maybe you think of Cloud 9 as being a destination.

If you are a Ball State student, then you may have heard of Cloud 9 or maybe you have seen the name on a flyer promoting a party on campus. But what exactly is Cloud 9?

Some may define Cloud 9 as just a few people who throw parties for the students on campus. But, no, Cloud 9 is much bigger than that!

Cloud 9 can confidently say that they are a collection of visionaries from different places, paths, and ways of life whose main goal is to bring safe euphoria and fun to those trying to get through the college journey just like them.

One of the most important things that this group was founded upon was leadership.

Cloud 9 was initially found by Rashaad Manning, Jalen London,  Anthony Wade, Malik Morgan who are now sophomores here at BSU.

“We started because we sought ourselves becoming leaders on campus as freshmen so we felt it was necessary to expand on the social level here in Muncie” Rashaad, one of the original founders of the group explains.

Some internal goals that they have are to become an official organization on campus.

In order to bring that euphoric feel that this group was founded on, Cloud 9 plans to have fundraising events so that they are able to have a set budget to work with so that they can enhance the social aspect of student life on campus.

“Going to Cloud 9 parties are an amazing experience, whenever I am at one of their parties I feel safe and it is always fun to be around other people my age who are just as lit as I am” said BSU freshman Jordan Russell.

A goal that Cloud 9 has for the remainder of first semester is to continue to throw events for the students on campus.

Cloud 9 will be collaborating with 90s Centre to help throw the upcoming “Neon Guts” party that will be on November 4th.

Be on the lookout for upcoming Cloud 9 events for a safe, lit, and euphoric time.


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