How will the Celtics move forward?

gordon-hayward-injury-update-boston-celtics-star-suffers-broken-leg-vs-cavsThe NBA kicked off one of the most anticipated games this Tuesday evening with The Cleveland Cavaliers facing the Boston Celtics. As fans all over tuned in, moods quickly changed within five minutes of the first quarter. In a fast paced play, new Celtics all-star player Gordon Hayward jumped up quickly and bumped into LeBron James in mid-air causing himself to land awkwardly. At this moment the sounds of squeaking shoes silenced, loud fans suddenly hushed, and jaws dropped at the gruesome lower leg injury the new team member faced. This injury the Celtics are now calling a dislocated ankle and fractured tibia.

So many are wondering, what does this mean for Hayward? What does this mean for the newly built Celtics and their season? After an interview with athletic trainer, Jeff Stotts, Boston fans are left with a little more hope and reassurance than before. “Is it a career-ending injury?  By no means, from what we can tell. But he’s gonna be hard-pressed to get back this season. And just because, again, it’s an injury of high magnitude, you want to make sure he’s returning at 100 percent and not running the risk of some secondary injury or some other setback.”

Though Hayward may be out all season, Boston is not letting this stop them. After the crucial moment in the first quarter, Kyrie took control and knew it was time to turn it up a notch. With teammates such as Brown and Tatum, Irving helped keep his team toe to toe with Cleveland up until the last few seconds of the game. With a tough battle being fought, the Celtics unfortunately did fall short. The final score ending in Cavaliers 102, Celtics 99.

The Boston Celtics hope to continue on this season with a winning streak, and do not plan to let anything discourage them along the way. Make sure to tune into their next game Friday October 20th against the Philadelphia 76ers.


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