Feeling Blue: Are the Colts the new Browns?

For the fourth time in the last 5 years the Indianapolis Colts are starting the season 0-1. Its becoming a theme to start the season slow under head coach Chuck Pagano, but Sunday the Colts took that to a new level.

The final score says it all

Rams 46 Colts 9.

It was the most points the Indianapolis Colts have given up in a season opener since 1954!

It was easily the most embarrassing game to have to watch in all my years being a Colts fan. I was optimistic about the Colts chances going into the game. Scott Tolzien was our starting QB and we had multiple quality starters like Ryan Kelly and Vontae Davis out of the line up with injuries.

But considering all that, I did believe we would be able to defeat the Los Angeles Rams. Afterall all the Rams were one of the leagues worst offenses last season. Ranking 32nd in total offense, points,  and points per game.

No way we could lose to those guys right?

Boy was I wrong.

The Colts struggled offensively with Scott Tolzien at QB.

On one of the first offensive series for the Colts, Tolzien would throw a horrible ball and watch it get returned to the house by the Rams. That pick-6 would be an early indicator of the long game that was to come. The Colts turned the football over 3 times, including a fumble by star receiver T.Y Hilton and another pick 6 by Tolzien. The offense looked out of sync all game, and finished 0-10 on third down, unbelievable for any NFL team.

The Colts defense however did fare well in the run game , only giving up 63 yards. It was the putrid pass defense that was so terrible to watch. They made Jared Goff look like Tom Brady out there. Goff finished with a career high 306 passing yards while going 21-29 passing. It was God awful to watch this defense get torn to pieces by this terrible team.

It would get as bad as 30-3 before lame duck coach Pagano would insert the newly acquired Jacoby Brissett in the line up. But at that point it was too late for miracles. Jacoby did look good out there, especially given that he had just joined the team the prior week. He drove the Colts downfield and scored their only TD of the game.

After the game Pagano would not give a solid answer on who would be the starting QB next week, but I have an answer on who it should not be.

Scott Tolzien should never throw another football in a Colts uniform again. He has terrible arm strength, his accuracy is that of a middle school QB. He can’t read defenses at all.

The answer is clear cut that he is not the guy.

For now the Colts have to live with the fact that they got outplayed. That they got embarrassed on the road by an inferior team. Some experts already saying the team is even worse than the Browns.

Only the coaches and the 53 men in that locker room can change that narrative.

They have that chance next Sunday as they host the Arizona Cardinals.


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