Artist at Work

As the start of the year 2017 a lot of artist have been dropping numerous of Trending, hot, different styles of music. We have been asking for new tracks from the Hip hop industry and they have delivered.

Nicki Minaj takes the NO.1 on R&B/Hip Hop airplay with “No frauds featuring Lil Wayne and Drake. Drake Releases a “playlist”, “more life” with variety of artist that are upcoming. This project was mixed with many different sounds.

Now Future Hendrix drop not one, but two albums in the same week! These albums play for two different audience and reveals a wealthy lifestyle lived by someone who is addicted to drugs and border line suicidal.

J.cole drops another album ,4 your eyez only, with no features to show his indecency, and dedication. This album remain significant because j.cole neighbors in his community have tip the officials that J.cole was apparently affiliated with drugs. He talks about this encounter in the song “neighbors”. He his also making a documentary on HBO that will show later in the year 2017.

Joey Bada$$ have delivered some political topics for us to April 7th when he released his album, “All Amerikkkan Badass”. Which discuss some of the issues in the presidential office as well as in the African American community. It brings up problems and scenarios and touches on sensitive topics.


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