5 Tips to Keep Students Interested

David Yancey, an eighth grade teacher in Rockdale County, Georgia has been the topic of discussion on social media because of his successful strategy to make history class more fun for his students. He asked his students what their favorite song was, and they came up with Migo’s “Bad and Boujee”. “My troops are mad losing”, is what he transformed the chorus into, referring to the Civil War. He also included information about Abraham Lincoln, General Grant, and the Emancipation Proclamation into his song. This unique approach really satisfied the students as they danced and sang along with his lyrics. David was very creative, and discovered a new way to get his students more engaged in the classroom. It is important that teachers make the extra effort to make sure their classes are knowledgeable and also enjoyable. Here are five tips that teachers everywhere should utilize to make the classroom more fun.

•Be Unpredictable
The professor creates the atmosphere for the classroom. The more active and unpredictable the professor is, the more likely the students will enjoy, and be engaged in the classroom.
A good idea would be switching up teaching styles. No one wants a professor who reads off of power points in monotone everyday.
Keep students engaged by using visuals, implementing discussion, and creating games that will help the student not only learn the material, but enjoy it as well.

•Offer Incentives
Rewarding students for doing well in class, and staying engaged will keep them interested. It will also motivate those who aren’t doing so well, to do better.
College students love anything that’s free. Rewarding students with gift cards to their favorite fast food places or stores would be great incentives to encourage and keep students involved in the classroom.
Also, professors often have many connections with different people and perhaps offering unique incentives such as help with finding internships or job-shadowing programs for students who put in the most effort would also be a good idea.

•Listen to Student Feedback
Listening to your student’s ideas and opinions about the way you conduct your classroom is another great way to keep them involved and interested. It also shows that you actually care about how they would like to learn, and how they learn best.
Adjusting you teaching style for the students best interest will help them learn more efficiently and even increase classroom engagement.
Utilizing anonymous questionnaires and surveys is the most convenient way to collect their feedback.
•Use Technology
One thing that can be agreed upon is the amount of love that students have for technology. So why not use it in the classroom?
Limiting students to using textbooks only is old school and pretty boring. Technology is much more up to date than textbooks will ever be.
Sources of technology and the Internet will give students an opportunity to be more creative with projects and assignments while simultaneously making the classroom more exciting.

•Build Relationships
Professors have a huge impact on their student’s participation and interest in the classroom. Building connections enhance the overall learning experience for the student, as well as the professor.
Encouraging, motivating, and showing students that you genuinely care about them and their education will make them more comfortable and open to being more involved in the classroom.


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