We all have witnessed the trials and tribulations Russell Westbrook and the Thunder have faced this season. On April 29, 2017 Westbrook made history, as the man with the most triple doubles in an NBA season. Oscar Robinson set the record in the 1961-62 season against the Denver Nuggets. To top the night off, Russell also scored 50 points and hit a buzzer beater shot!

Ofcourse, after Russell beat this record the bandwagon broke. Everyone became a fan and immediately started posting memes everywhere to help celebrate. The star was the trending topic on social news all the way up until the most special celebration. Before the Thunder’s final game of the season against the Denver Niggets, Oscar Robinson paid Westbrook a visit. Robinson expressed how proud he was of Westbrook and ended his speech with “MVP!”

Trials and tribulations were mentioned earlier, let’s examine a couple. Russell had 7 consecutive triple doubles, falling just one short of Michael Jordan’s streak. His assist were held down by the Celtics to end his triple double streak.(if it makes you feel any better the Celtics had, had no triple doubles against them for 226 straight games) Russell needed just 2 more triple doubles in his streak, to tie the record with Wilt Chamberlain.

Let’s focus in on another tribulation for Russ and the Thunder team this year. Kevin Durant, the franchise’s star player, left the team to be with the Golden State Warriors. Thunder fans all over saw the team struggle to get back in the pace of things. Surprisingly, the Thunder turned things around and now hold the 6th position in the western conference playoffs.

Hopefully, these surprising feats Westbrook has accomplished allow him to win MVP of the 2016-17 NBA league.

Russell off the court:
Being a great basketball player is one thing Russell does, but he is also a great person. Russell Wesbrook’s Why Not? foundation patterned up with scholastic and opened up 10 new Russell Reading Rooms in the month of May. Russell reading rooms serve to challenge the reading skills of elementary students in the OKC metropolitan area. Incentives like Subway have been used to get the children reading at least 20 minutes a day.

What is next for Russell? Can this record breaking player lead his team to the finals?


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