Music Today

From Apple Music and SoundCloud, to Spinrilla and Spotify, each of these apps are one of the top sources for streaming music today. Hip-Hop and R&B artists are constantly in the studio playing around or preparing a seriously great album.
Just like a journalist who has stories that have yet to be published, artists have tons of music that go a bit of time without being heard.
Today’s technology makes it a lot easier for artists to release one song or even an entire
album. With how instant things are now, it’s hard to believe that less than 10 years ago everyone went through the hassle of lining up outside of music shops to pick up the latest Beyoncé or Chris Brown CD.
 Lately, artists have been dropping multiple albums and mixtapes that could possibly be divided in half. Future released two different albums in February, FUTURE, having 16 songs and HNDRXX, having only five. Back in 2015, Future collaborated with Drake to create the 16-tracked album, What a Time to Be Alive.
Canadian artist Drake recently released an album titled “More Life” with 22 tracks. In March of 2017, the album was downloaded and listened to by thousands of people within the first month of being out.
I’ve noticed that Future and Drake tend to drop an album towards the end of the school year, which personally speeds up the remainder of the year.
More than half of the millennials that exist today own a smart phone, which is what makes receiving new music almost instant. Smartphone apps that serve as music platforms receive the newest albums or single tracks the day that they are released.
This makes music steaming portable and convenient, also giving users the option to save or download them to a personal library within the app.
Because technology is consistently improving, no one will ever have to wait for Walmart, Target, or other stores that sell physical copies of music, to receive CDs before listening to them.
So how can students benefit from music streaming services?
A subscription to Apple music is only five dollars a month, and students can receive a discounted membership price for up to 48 months (4 years). Benefits the subscription comes with include a number of benefits such as pre-ordering albums, streaming albums the day that they drop, and skipping tracks for an unlimited number of times.


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