Chance the Giver

Primary education is very important especially when it comes to the development of children that will be the future of this country. A lot of schools especially public schools in bigger cities suffer from underfunding because the state governments feel like the money could be put to use elsewhere.

Chance the Rapper, now Grammy winning artists and advocate for his hometown had a conversation with Gov. Rauner about the financial issues the school system faces. The hometown rapper earlier this month made a very generous donation to CPS of 1 million dollars that would be a first step in showing that anything can be accomplished.

Those who are not of color, but are members of a society, do not see that it is racially biased and doesn’t cater to those who are underprivileged. According to CNN, “Gov. Rauner did not create this unjust system, but he has chosen to perpetuate it, violating the civil rights of hundreds of thousands of Chicago schoolchildren and threatening their futures”.  via CNN

This is not only an issue in Chicago, but it is very prominent in many other inner city schools across the U.S. face this issue when it comes to funding. Education is the last thing on the government’s agenda especially in these predominantly lower middle class areas. Education is one of the only outs for those underprivileged youth that are constantly exposed to the harsh reality of their environment.

More recently as a graceful supporter of Chance’s efforts this past Friday, Chicago Bulls Basketball team matched his generous million dollar donation with one of their own to the school system. The rapper will set up art and literature fund as well as give 12 schools $10,000.

The efforts for social justice continues and Chance’s donation will hopefully open eyes to this very common issue. Chances constant effort to help his city out are appreciated and will not be overlooked.




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